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Residential Installation Process

Despite what you see on the Home and Garden channel, not all projects are DIY, and the installation of a KOHLER generator is one of them. Installing a generator involves electricians, plumbers and permits, but as your authorized New Jersey and New York generator specialists, we take care of all the details.
The installation process takes up to two days. Here’s how it works:

  • We meet with you to determine the size, fuel source and installation details of your KOHLER backup generator.
  • A qualified electrician installs the transfer switch.
  • Next, the trained installation team moves the generator into place.
  • The electrician connects the lines from your transfer switch to your generator.
  • Now the plumber comes in. It is his/her job to create the connection between the fuel source and the generator.

Once the electricity and the fuel sources are connected, your KOHLER backup generator is ready to protect you and your loved ones.

We know peace of mind is priceless, but the actual unit and installation process is not. However, we understand your budget concerns. While we will never cut corners to properly install your unit – safety and procedure are our utmost concerns – we will do an in-depth evaluation with you, covering all aspects of the unit, fuel source, and installation possibilities to ensure you get the system you need for the most affordable price.

North Point Power Systems is the generator specialists and largest authorized KOHLER dealer in New Jersey and New York. Feel free to call us today at 732-625-0200 to learn more.


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